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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Love Actually Drinking Game

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Love Actually is a divisive film. But whatever you think of it, it can make for a great drinking game. You need is nine people and a variety of drinks. Place nine slips of paper in a hat, representing the movie's nine plot lines:
  1. Billy Mack and Joe
  2. David and Natalie
  3. Mark and Juliet
  4. Jamie and Aurelia
  5. Harry and Karen
  6. Daniel and Sam
  7. Sarah and Karl
  8. John and Judy
  9. Colin
Each person takes a plot line out of the hat and drinks at a different time:
  1. Drink every time Bill Nighy calls his manager fat.
  2. Drink every time Hugh Grant looks awkward or befuddled.
  3. Drink every time Rick from The Walking Dead looks longingly at Kiera Knightley.
  4. Take a drink for every joke in the Portuguese subtitles.
  5. Drink each time you get the sense that Alan Rickman will cheat on Emma Thompson.
  6. Drink every time Liam Neeson says something that seems mildly inappropriate to say to a nine-year-old mourning his mom.
  7. Drink every time Laura Linney's phone rings.
  8. Take a drink for each simulated sex scene between Bilbo and Joanna Page.
  9. Whoever is assigned Colin has to not drink all movie, then chug four Budweisers when Colin goes to Wisconsin. They have to finish all four by the time he has sex with the four American women.
Now the most important rule: When Rufus (Rowan Atkinson) makes his two appearances, everybody drinks.

Of course this essentially means drinking at least once each time your plot line comes up. I haven't counted it up to see who would get the drunkest in this game, but everyone's guaranteed to get good and sloshed. You could, if you wanted to, add another dimension by assigning each plot line a special drink--off the top of my head, I'm thinking Irish whiskey for Liam Neeson, London gin for Hugh Grant and so on. Rowan Atkinson's appearances might deserve champaign, or perhaps a drink involving a cinnamon stick.

In any case, this overcomes my main complaint with most drinking games, which is that everyone simply drinks when x, y, or z happens, which is a fun activity, but not much of a game. Giving everyone a role keeps things moving and adds a sense of interactivity. Anyway, enjoy responsibly!